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Simple Method to Export Thunderbird to Pst: Test This Tool

Export Thunderbird to PST for Win/Mac Outlook

To export Thunderbird to PST files, one should have the amazing tenacity only provided by a tool. However, such tools are rare to find. Therefore, customers rely on unrealistic and incompetent methods. The ambiguous nature of the task and its complexities make the infamous reputation of the task. However, the task is simple and easy to execute. The task can be done in no time at all with the help of a simple tool. One such simple tool is called Mail Extractor Pro by USL software.

export Thunderbird to PST


The key problem with the task of Thunderbird to PST conversion has been customer’s overkill with it. Too many concoctions and methods have been tried rather than the trusted few. This amazing Thunderbird to PST converter tool can be used by anyone to easily solve all Thunderbird to PST conversion problems. All one has to do is download this tool and convert Thunderbird toPST. As simple as that. 


It will be an understatement to say that this tool has perfected the art to export Thunderbird to PST format. The tool, with the help of many advance features make it easy to export Thunderbird files to PST in the simplest way possible. 

The task is already easy for the tool. For the customers, it makes the task easy with the help of an interface. This interface has been specifically designed to make the conversion process as simple as possible. The task is easily explained to customers with the help of self-explanatory wizards. Plus, the friendliness of the interface never let customers feel uncomfortable at all. 



The tool is a professional in the importation task of Thunderbird to PST. It imports Thunderbird to PST in entirety. It can import mails, attachments, meta-data content and nested mails without discrimination. The tool can easily convert texts of all languages. It supports preservation of double byte Unicode content too.


The tool also makes the importation easiest with the help of its bulk conversion feature. The tool can easily import all Thunderbird files to PST in less than 10 minutes. Customers can also make urgent importation with the help of this feature. Quality is never at loss even in bulk conversion. The highest form of conversion is retained at all times.


The tool also preserves the folder arrangement. This helps in easily accessing the folders and files. The original folder arrangement is kept intact which helps a lot in having a smooth and safe post-conversion phase. 


So, download the free trial version of this tool. Simply, go to this tool’s website and install it. Convert Thunderbird files to PST in no time at all.
Download this amazing Thunderbird to PST converter tool right now!


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